What’s up, esteemed individuals with aspirations of becoming small business owners! Embarking upon the path of establishing your own enterprise can definitely be a captivating and gratifying experience. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that such an endeavor necessitates a considerable amount of discipline and self-awareness. As a business owner myself, I had to learn so much about myself that I had never considered and I’m still learning. Even with the tips and strategies I have learned so far, I find myself learning more every day.

Just recently I have been constantly reminding myself about money management. Since I’m paying expenses out of pocket and still have to maintain a healthy work/life balance my discipline has increased. I find that since starting this endeavor I can’t spend my money on the things I would have once spent it on. I spend it on my business and anything personal that will improve my work ethic as a business owner (even though I have a nasty cigarette habit and personal responsibilities). This is one of the best parts about being a business owner, acknowledging where you need improvement and knowing if you don’t, your business will fall. I refuse to let my problem areas stop me from succeeding. Of course, it will take time to get used to this adjustment but it’s worth it.

Here are some things I have learnt and are still learning in my entrepreneurial/ business owner journey:

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1. Set Clear Goals:

Begin by establishing clear and specific goals for your business. These goals will act as guiding lights, helping you stay focused and disciplined throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Break them down into smaller, achievable milestones to maintain motivation and track progress.

2. Prioritize and Plan:

Develop a systematic approach to prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively. Create a to-do list or use project management tools to organize your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. By planning and scheduling your activities, you’ll reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.

3. Create a Routine:

Establishing a consistent routine can help you maintain discipline in your business and personal life. Set regular working hours, allocate time for breaks, and avoid multitasking. By following a routine, you’ll develop a sense of structure that enhances your productivity and work/life balance.

4. Embrace Continuous Learning:

As an inexperienced small business owner, investing time in continuous learning is crucial. Stay updated with industry trends, attend webinars or workshops, and join relevant communities or networking groups. By expanding your knowledge and skills, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.

5. Delegate and Outsource:

Recognize that you can’t do everything on your own. Learn to delegate tasks that are outside your expertise or time-consuming. Outsourcing certain activities can free up your time, allowing you to focus on core business responsibilities. Remember, effective delegation is a sign of good leadership.

6. Practice Self-Care:

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is vital to avoid burnout. Incorporate self-care practices into your routine, such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep. Taking care of your physical and mental well-being will enhance your productivity and decision-making abilities.

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7. Seek Support:

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, or business coaches who can provide guidance and support. Joining professional associations or online communities can help you build a network of support and gain valuable insights from experienced individuals.

8. Embrace Technology:

Leverage technology tools and software to streamline your business processes. Automate repetitive tasks, utilize project management software, and implement customer relationship management tools. Embracing technology can save you time, increase efficiency, and improve overall productivity.

9. Stay Flexible:

In the ever-changing business landscape, adaptability is key. Remain open to new ideas, pivot when necessary, and learn from failures or setbacks. Being flexible allows you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities that come your way.

10. Celebrate Achievements:

Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Reflecting on your progress and successes will boost your motivation and reinforce a positive mindset. Take time to appreciate the milestones you’ve achieved along your entrepreneurial journey.

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Discipline is a fundamental trait for inexperienced small business owners. By setting clear goals, prioritizing self-care, improving your self-awareness and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Remember, discipline is not about being rigid but about creating a foundation that allows you to grow and thrive as an entrepreneur. Take it from me- someone whose only priorities and goals were to try to end my life, get wasted and didn’t care about my future as much as I should’ve. Now I am running a business, taking care of my mental health and learning more about myself than I thought possible. Embrace these tips, stay committed, and watch your small business and life flourish. You’ve got this!

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