Solstice had always known that his father was a scientist. When Solstice’s father, Dr. Solace Cooper received an invitation to a conference in the remote mountains of Nepal. Solstice was excited about the trip as it meant an opportunity to see the world, but Dr. Cooper seemed a little wary. He had received the invitation from a colleague with whom he had lost touch years ago, Dr. Ravi Saffiya. Dr. Saffiya’s reputation was questionable, and Dr. Cooper was doubtful about what to expect from the conference. But his thirst for knowledge got the better of him, and he eventually agreed to attend the conference.

The journey to Nepal was a long and arduous one. After days of traveling, they finally reached the base of the mountains where Dr. Saffiya’s laboratory was located. The place was isolated, and the only way to get there was by a cable car that went up to the mountains. As they ascended in the cable car, Solstice noticed his father becoming uneasy. He seemed to sense something that Solstice couldn’t quite put his finger on. Dr. Cooper had always been sensitive to his surroundings and had a way of sensing things others couldn’t. They reached the laboratory, and Dr. Saffiya welcomed them warmly. For the next few days, they attended sessions on the latest developments in science and technology. But there was one session that caught Solstice’s attention – a session by a woman named Manisha Hari.

Manisha was a scientist, but she was also believed to possess abilities that had been extinct for centuries. She claimed to be able to control the elements with her mind and had even demonstrated her powers to the attendees of the conference. Dr. Cooper had scoffed at the idea of such abilities, dismissing it as a cheap trick. But Solstice was intrigued and wanted to learn more. He approached Manisha after the session and asked her about her abilities.

She smiled, “Your father might not believe me, but I can show you.”

Solstice followed her to a nearby river, where she asked him to concentrate on the water. As he did so, he noticed that the water started moving in the direction of his thoughts. It was as if the water was obeying his commands.

“This is amazing. I never knew such extraordinary potential was possible.” Solstice said to Manisha as he continued to move the water further away from the shoreline.

“Anything is possible with the power of the mind. Our brain is a very powerful tool, and like all tools must be used efficiently to avoid any mistakes.” she spoke slowly as she mimicked his movements. He had always been interested in science and technology but had never experienced anything like this.

“Teach me more.” Solstice gazed at her with intensity.

“Very well. Your lesson begins now.” She moved her arms as if doing tai chi.

Over the next few days, she showed him how to control not just water but also air and fire. She was able to manifest fire from her hands and fingertips with her mind. Adding the Tai chi movements allowed her to control the element carefully as to not cause surrounding damage. The same goes for air, the strength and direction the air blows are under her control.

Dr. Cooper was suspicious of Manisha’s intentions. He believed that her abilities were not to be trusted and that they could be dangerous. But Solstice was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

“Solstice, I know your amused by all this,” Dr. Cooper whispered motioning to the lake. “But don’t let these abilities make you forget the real science behind these illusions.”

“It’s not an illusion dad. It’s real.” Solstice manifested a small flame on the tip of his index finger. Dr. Cooper jumped back surprised. He quickly gripped his hand.

“Don’t underestimate her.” he said in almost inaudible.

The next day while they were practicing, Manisha seemed to lose control of her powers. The spark from a flame landing on the ground raging out of control within seconds. The flames travelled to where Solace was standing. Surrounding him and climbing up the nearby trees. Solstice and Manisha tried containing the fire, but it was no use. The black smoke surged on as Dr. Cooper tried to find an exit. Solstice tried to see through the flames. Directing the wind at the smoke to make a clearing, Dr. Cooper was thrown off balance and tree toppled over caused a huge wave of flames to engulf the area. Manisha pulled Solstice by the arm away from the fire that continued to grow larger. Solstice was horrified. He had never intended to harm his father, and he couldn’t believe what had happened. Solstice was furious. He blamed Manisha for what had happened to his father.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!” Solstice bellowed at Manisha. He took off towards the laboratory. Determined to put as much distance between him and Manisha as possible. He decided to leave the conference the next day.

That following day as he was leaving, he heard a commotion from the nearby village. Many people had heard about the fire that rampaged at the lake. He saw a group of people gathered around. It was his father, who was lying on the ground unconscious. He was dead. The authorities were called in to investigate the incident. It was concluded that Dr. Cooper’s death was an accident, but Solstice knew better. He believed that Manisha had caused his death. Solstice was devastated. He had lost his father in a matter of days. He knew that he would never be the same again. But despite his great lost he knew he had to know more.

Years past and had Solstice became a scientist himself. Still, he was curious by the idea of these abilities. He spent his life researching Manisha’s abilities, hoping to unlock their secrets and ensure that no one would suffer the same fate as his father. Little did anyone know, his attraction to these abilities were a revenge plot. During his excavation, he spent his free time mastering the abilities he gained from Manisha before the tragedy. He made it his life’s work to coax the woman from her isolation in hopes to end her tyranny on innocent lives.

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