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What do multi-passionate people have over people who only desire one? No matter what it is, having any passion, desire, goal or dream can keep you motivated to do better, be better, think smarter, and get so much more out of life. The drive you get from doing the things you love, that fuels your ambition and inspires the people that watch you make moves, is a pure form of joy that, in my opinion, no amount of money can even come close to (Even though having the financial freedom to do whatever and go wherever is quite pleasing). On the upside that you do have multiple passions I say, conquer that all. As the world has proved time and time again, LIFE IS SHORT. Everything in this world is temporary and we can’t take nothing with us when that time comes. So live it up, get weird, be a source of hope, and be everything you can.

Now many people in society will tell you to limit yourself because you don’t have a certain degree and a number of years in experience, but once again look at history and you tell me if listening to those people is worth it. There are countless examples of successfully fulfilled people that started with nothing. The world told them there was no way they would be able to accomplish anything. Society has a very distinct way of making the things that you enjoy and give you life seem worthless, and yet those same people are doing it or too scared to try. LIFE IS NOT A COMPETITION, it’s a journey that we are all sharing together. Everything we do affects someone else even if we don’t know it. I know the moment I decide not to make a decision that could be a blessing, some else loses an opportunity to be inspired. Someone else gives up because they were waiting to see me do it. This is one reason I love having multiple passions. I have the opportunity to reach so many people and be the person they need. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING and we are going to put on a show.

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Taking into account the technological growth that the world has seen, somehow some people are still uneasy about limitless creativity. By that I mean they still feel the need to give their two negative cents about something that doesn’t peak their taste, myself included. I understand that nobody is perfect, people make mistakes and I’m not going to want to jump on every train, but social media has made it way too easy for people to hide behind their words. I’m not the type of person to degrade someone all over the internet. I understand disagreeing or giving constructive criticism, but some things are just uncalled for. Nevertheless, I still highly recommend not letting the hate and ignorance divert you from accomplishing your goals. The amount of creativity and innovation that can be achieved is in the title, LIMITLESS. The human imagination is such an untapped paradox it can only be explained through creativity. The individual ideas that emerge on a daily basis is astounding.

Just using the fashion industry as an example, fashion designers have found numerous ways to direct their creativity into your basic necessity. Everyday wear, special occasion garments and unique looks just for self-expression purposes. I have seen and heard many people who have found a way to interject their opinion on the runway. Simply watching and enjoying people share a part of themselves, sharing a piece of who they are with the world is not enough. As a self-taught fashion illustrator, I find these shows and presentations inspiring for my own designs. The way someone takes something others see as obscene and make it their own is amazing to watch. The time, work and strength it takes to be so transparent and vulnerable, is why I enjoy fashion. The amount of things that can be accomplished from a thought is what makes humans so amazing. There is so much originality, that has yet to be discovered, I am one of those people with visions and ideas just waiting to be discovered. I will share my journey and my vision. I may be the only one that sees it right now, but there is a whole world out there that I and so many others plan to reveal ourselves to. I’m cheering for everyone to succeed and if you are cheering for me, THANK YOU. Innovation is the Foundation I stand on. It won’t be easy but by the grace and mercy of God WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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