To think that certain pieces aren’t actually works of art at all, but rather just some clever person’s idea of what an artwork should look like? To that I say: “fake art” doesn’t exist. Whether or not your work gets the appreciation you think it deserves, or whether or not it even gets shown at all… well, it doesn’t matter. Because even if your work doesn’t make it into an exhibition, even if no one sees it but yourself… still: that’s art!

According to google ART has four similar definitions, and all four sum down to Human Creativity. I will agree that skill is required to advance in this field, but like any other skill, can be learned through practice. On the other hand, I see absolutely nothing wrong with simplicity. Not every work of art has to take weeks or have an exceeding amount of detail. There are more than 75 types of painting styles in art today. Some of them exclusively having to do with basic shapes (Cubism, Constructivism, Geometric).

Artist are continuously bullied and ridiculed online for their contribution to the art community. There have been movements and trends to speak up against such disrespect and ignorance. Everyone’s art is beautiful, even if you prefer a particular style, that’s OK. History is filled with stories and examples of what creativity looks like from a different perspective. Who’s to say that a new style of art can’t be created, because it can. Thats the best thing about art, there are no limitations. There’s so much that can be done, so much that can be achieved, so much that can be discovered, without the negativity. So many people have not learned this yet but when you attempt to belittle someone for creating something new, that only make them want to create it more. Society is proof of that. Where would we be without the creators and innovators of the world? As hard as it might be to accept, WE NEED ART! WE NEED CREATIVITY! WE NEED FRESH MINDS AND NEW IDEAS! WE NEED DREAMERS, AND PASSIONS! Times are constantly changing every moment of everyday. There’s nothing wrong with loving history, with adoring the original designers, but show your love and admiration by infusing your own individuality with theirs. By respecting the artisans, that make the world so beautiful to look at.

There are some historical pieces that I can’t help but stare at. There are creations presently that do the exact same. Now do I get the same emotional satisfaction, sometimes yes other times no. That’s OK. I’m content with not every single painting I see giving me goosebumps or inspiration for my own artwork. But I WILL NOT for any reason disrespect the work of someone that has put their entire soul into it.

To All of the Creators, Artisans, Innovators, Musicians, Writers, Architects, Designers etc.. Of the World.

We all have every right to express ourselves creatively, and in as many styles and forms as we see fit.

Thank you!!!

Photo by Werlley Meira

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