Getting just the right build up to an enticing plot twist is exciting when you actually have one. The climax in a story, is one of the most important parts besides character development and an unexpected resolution. And don’t even get me start on cliff hangers, but to get all these things just right, the main conflict has to be established. Now there’s nothing saying you have to. The way you choose to write is completely in your control. For those of us that need to outline some main component’s I’ve created a list of some interesting plots, some of which I may use myself, with a twist:

  1. A vampire walks among humans and falls in love only to discover she’s his mortal enemy.
  2. An alien has a chance to be human but can never change back.
  3. A mythical fruit found in a garden can turn people into the alien of the opposite gender.
  4. The war brewing between to alien worlds heads to earth, only to be stopped by a child.
  5. A man falls in love with his best friend’s sister and her cousin.
  6. A manipulative businessman creates a contest where only the strongest couples will survive.
  7. A man being abused by his wife has a chance to walk away but he has to kill her-he can’t bring himself to do it, or can he?
  8. A beat cop turned undercover detective.
  9. A championship fight determines everything.
  10. An art teacher with a hardcore personality.
  11. A phone call with a mysterious voice on the other end turns the city into ruins.
  12. A rare collector of books finds one he can’t pass up, and only his wife wants him to get rid of it.
  13. A mother of two girls faces the challenge finding love and setting a positive example.
  14. An abandoned gym holds the secret to what it means to be a fairy.
  15. A stranger follows a familiar face only to discover it’s the person that made him homeless.
  16. Socially awkward college students are put together as a joke but turn the tables on their pranksters.
  17. A therapist advises self-defense class, only the patient takes it too far.
  18. A group of young girls challenge each other by being the best gymnast.
  19. War is brewing in a community between pharmaceutical companies.
  20. An elemental bender has to choose between sharing her gift or giving up her abilities to save her family.
  21. A child with the ability to tell the future.
  22. A dance company competes in a national competition against their friends.
  23. A polygamous relationship is put to the test.
  24. A young man loses his father to a woman with powers that were thought to be extinct.
  25. A homosexual man and lesbian woman change the perspective of what love means.

Writing an amazing story that keep your readers coming back can be challenging. The one thing I love about writing the most is that the possibilities are endless. This list is only the tip of the ice burg of what can be accomplished when you let your creativity to the talking-or writing in this case. Let the words in your mind spill out on the page. Some may like it, some may not. But there will be some that will be craving for more no matter what you write. Those are your readers, SHOW THEM WHAT YOU’VE GOT!

Happy Writing!

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