A Novel By: Danielle Clayton


“Where is she? I know she didn’t leave. She was just near the stage.” I said to Kortney scanning the pool area.

She couldn’t have gotten far, come on lets check inside.” Kortney said heading towards to the house. When we reached the living room we spotted McClain standing by the bar. I didn’t see Marlene either but I saw Melissa making her way over to us.

“Hey, enjoying the party” she said smiling.

“Yeah, its great.” I said still scanning the room.

“Looking for somebody?” she asked noticing my attempt not to have a conversation with her.

“Yeah, but I don’t see her. Ill check the other room.” I said sliding towards a room adjacent to the livingroom. The door was closed but we already searched the main venue area. Melissa’s eye widen.

“Where are you going? The party’s this way,” she said grabbing my arm and slightly pulling me towards the dance floor. “Come on dance with me, your friend will show up sooner or later.” I continued looking at the door. Something told me to ditch the Marlene wanna-be clone and keep searching but I’m sure she’s OK.

“Keep looking for her.” I said in Kortney’s ear. She nodded in agreement. I let Melissa lead me to the dance floor but kept my eyes on a swivel. The music kicked up and soon the floor was crowded. I’m not sure what dance she’s doing, but if she thinks it’s sexy then that hair dye is seeping into her brain. I continued to sway slightly when someone bumped into me from behind.

“Yo, watch where your going-,” He paused, then smiled, Triston. “Well, well, well my little brother finally getting some action.” He smirked looking at Melissa who was still dancing.

“Leave me alone, you know I don’t like her,” I said my blood staring to boil. “Besides even if I did at least I know she would stick around longer than any of your sneaky links.” His smirk disappeared. He stepped in my face and gave me a minor but threatening shove.

“You wanna go toe to toe with me momma’s boy.” He said with a low growl. “Come on.” He stepped back and motioned his hands challenging me. I didn’t move but I braced myself for impact. The music changed and he started to dance. I raised my eyebrow trying to figure out why he was trying to embarrass his self. We both knew I was a better dancer then him. The crowd that form around us was cheering him on and he continued to do a horrible moonwalk turned into the worm. I crossed my arms, chuckled to myself and lowered my head. Man he cant dance, I’m not falling for his antics. He wants to dance so he can embarrass me with some slick shit. When he finished he held his hands out in a T shaped.

“Come little bro, show us what you got,” He instigated. I waved him off, the crowd screamed louder to hype me up. “Lets go, MOMMA’S BOY” he mouthed laughing loudly. I closed my eyes and sighed, fine let’s do this.

I sat on a beach chair next to the pool and took another swig of my drink. I took a breath then remembered I was supposed to be looking for Zorell. Thanks to my idiot brother’s random dance battle it completely slipped my mind. I put the glass on the table behind me and nearing fell in the pool when Zorell bounced on the chair in front of me.

“Hey.” she said holding a bottle in her hand.

“Hey, where were you, Kortney and I looked everywhere.” I said leaning back.

“No where, just to the bathroom to freshen up,” she said opening the bottle and taking a long gulp. “I saw your dance battle, well the end of it. You’re awesome. The way you did that back flip then dropped into a split and started spinning on your head. You really should be a backup dancer. How did you get your body to move like that? Its like parts of you froze and the rest of you kept moving..” she continued on about the dance battle but I was thinking about the fact that that piece of crap insulted me. Like I understand we have different moms, and your mad our dad cheated but I didn’t ask to be here. At least he gets to see his mom ever day, my mom bailed on me when I was 3. He’s such a jerk.”I don’t know why your brother thought battling you was a good idea, he cant dance for crap.”

“Zorell, can I talk you for a minute.” Kortney approached us.

“Sure,” Zorell replied taking back and another drink of the bottle that was almost empty. “ill be back.” she said to me. I nodded but I kinda wanted to hear what they were talking about so when they walked away I got up and followed. They went to an area of the yard that was less populated. I stood behind a tall bush.

“So, where did you go? I’m sure Sincere told you we were looking for you.” Kortney said sitting on a metal bench next to a small flower garden, Zorell sat next to her.

“Just to the bathroom.” Zorell replied.

“Really, cause I didn’t see you in there?” Kortney went on.

“Yeah, I just had to get away for a minute and found some of the good stuff stashed.” Zorell held up the bottle and shook it.

“Zorell, I’m not going to lie to you cause your my friend but, I know you was talking to my sister, and I just want to tell you whatever she said isn’t true. She cant be trusted.” Kortney looked at her.

“I don’t get why everybody has such a problem with her, like for real. And what she did say I can guarantee is the truth..” Zorell rolled her eyes.

“I know what she said sounded nice but…” Korntey started

“But what! Why cant you just understand where she’s coming from. At least she’s not a heartless person like your mom.” Zorell jumped up.

“DON’T bring my mother into this. She having a hard enough time with her addiction without people like YOU bashing her for it.” Kortney stood and faced her.

“People like me?!” Said Zorell sounding like someone just slapped her.

“Yeah, people that are willing to believe a two-faced manipulative backstabber like Marlene is nice. I know your planning on turning on you sister and her friends cause she promised to make part of her crew and run our father’s company, which she’s not even next in line for. And you think some stupid autograph for a cheesy boy band is worth it?!” Kortney was turning red with anger.

“Bitch please,” Korntey gasped “You may think you know your sister but you dont! The fact of the matter is at least she keeps it real with people, instead of being a soft ass goody goody! And even if she is lying to me I don’t care, at least she trust me enough to know I could help her run a company and not treat me like an immature child! Marlene and my sister can have it out, but I’m not doing this because of what she said, I’m doing it because I can! Besides my sister and her little baby friends need to get over this “she bullied me for years and made us so sad” bullshit! Like grow up, all of you!” Zorell stormed off coming towards me. I ducked back further behind the bush. She walked past me taking another drink and throwing the bottle in the nearby trash can. I peeked through the bush to see Korntey on the bench crying. I wanted to comfort her but I don’t know what to say. Something then caught me eye, Marlene. She was standing further back behind Korntey snickering with Melissa. I frowned, those two are always up to know good. I don’t how Nissa can be friends with them she’s the complete opposite of their personalities.

I turned and went back to the party, It was starting a die down a bit and some of the guest were leaving. I spotted Zorell talking to Marlene’s father Rebel. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but Mr. Stallworth was not looking to enthusiastic about the conversation, though he smiled politely. This whole family is manipulative backstabbers. I shook off the bad thoughts about them when I saw Triston. My anger immediately transferred to him. He waved me over. I rolled my eyes and sighed walking over to him.

“I’m heading home, you can come or you can find your own way. But I’m not waiting for you.” He said walking towards the door. I looked back at Zorell, she was leaving too. We met up at the door.

“Goodnight.” I said to her motioning for her to go first.

“Goodnight.” she said stumbling through the doorway.

“Do you want me to take you home?” I offered.

“No I’m leaving with…” she started but trailed off pointing in the direction of an empty parking space. “No one I guess.” She looked at me. I looked at my brother and gave the go ahead signal, he sped off.

“Come on.” I said putting my jacket around her shoulders.

Walking with a stumbling drunk person is nerve wrecking, not knowing if their going to do a face plant if you look away for one second. Half way there Zorell stopped and sat on the curb. She looked sad like she wanting say something. I stood there waiting for her to start, then she turned her head and threw up into the nearby sewer drain. She wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and looked up at me.

“Am I immature?” she said sadly. I crouched down beside her.

“I, don’t think so. That’s why were friends.”

“Yeah, but is there a reason every time I decide to do something people tell not to?” She asked.

“Maybe its just because they care about and don’t want you to get hurt. I know I don’t.” she looked into my eyes, tears beginning to form. “Come on I said, lets get you home.” I held out my hand and helped her up. She pressed herself against me as we walked leaned her head on my chest.

“I’m so glad I have you.”



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